Performance Finder Startup backed up with TECH of 4bis innovations

Performance Finder Startup backed up with TECH of 4bis innovations

The 4bis team is happy to announce that we started working together with startup Performance Finder on the next game changing online platform in the recruitment industry. The meeting was set at the fitting location of Haarlem.Tech hosted @ EvoSwitch, a community...
DeployerPHP upgraded to version 6

DeployerPHP upgraded to version 6

Team of Deployer released on 22 August 2017 complete new version of this great deployment tool. The new release has version 6. Till this moment extra bug fixes and adjustments were provided. So latest version is Deployer 6.0.3.   We successfully migrated to the latest...

Here is my own personal experience with 4bis team:

I had a website where I was taken advantage of, from paying 1000.00€ for updating my own photos to having to pay for mobile version. I was robed an amount over 7000.00€ and the same website was hacked over 5 times…. When I lost my trust and hope of having a decent professional website I met Max, one of the team members from 4Bis. I told him my sad story and his reply was: let me help you and I am sure that your business will grow, because I AM AN EXPERT ON BUSINESS STRATEGY FOR SMALL BUSINESSES. I must say that I was in doubt at first but yet I said yes, because I was losing more and more clients, I had over 55% loss. The 4BIS TEAM came to me and the way they handled my situation was very professional and I could see their body language was determination to make it work. I felt safe and respected has a client.

My experience with them is: precision, tenacity and great warm side of human business, most importantly: I WAS NOT TREATED AS A ROBOT. They kept me busy with questions about my business, what to improve and why; what is my interest in grow and why; where do I use my energy and why.

My website made by 4BIS was delivered to me on February 2017. Now it’s September 2017 and let me tell you that my business grows with new clients basically every week. For the first time in 8 years I can see my business grow again.
Therefore I thank you 4BIS for your wise and smart way of dealing with my business.

Carla Horta

Owner Carla Hairstudio

Lean delivery of new website for Highway Talent Group

Lean delivery of new website for Highway Talent Group and are working hard on the new brandbook and website for our new client Highway Talent Group ( Lean approach of delivering gives rapid results. Tags: development, product concept,, teamwork, website...

A few months ago it was time to switch to a new recruitment system. Developing and basically connecting our online presence and proposition system to our recruitment system was the logical next step. Fortunately, Max and Edwin from 4bis had time for me to discuss our requirements. I missed technical insights but did tell them what we needed. Soon 4bis came up with a lot of good ideas and solutions. The first phase was deployed and delivered in a very short period of time. We have never had any issues with the developed integrations. Our company is growing and using the solutions developed by 4bis allows us to stay ahead of our competition. Thank you guys!

Milou Stroek

Co-founder Highway Talent Group

4bis innovations were able to build my dream when others couldn’t. What makes them unique is that I was able to provide the concept and they built it from scratch.

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