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For Judith Fick,
Next issue are seen om mobile screen of iPhone 6 of the website

1. The slider is not using .svg images. That creates unreadable or crashed version of the logos. And arrows… wrong place! What is this slider about? (Some better explanation needed)


2. The product layout is not solid. Looks like a separate elements, especially red “new”. And what is the price? Call to action can be better highlighted.


3. Footer is broken. Bootstrap grid can help here. “Over ons” is more “waarom hondenzooi” or else. “Informative” same here.


4. And mail subscription is kinda important. We need to stimulate people to subscribe – or show them old mailings, or explain them that subscribers never miss new items and extra discounts!


Cheers from positive and smiling Bali!

Tags: Advice, UX, Webshop