The 4BIS adventure started in 2014. Max and Edwin decided to bundle their technology and entrepreneurial talents to help other companies grow. With one mission: to make the latest digital possibilities accessible to all entrepreneurs. Today they are well on their way to achieving just that.

More and more small and medium sized companies are choosing 4BIS as their technical partner.

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This is how we relieve and support you technically

1. Strategy

Together with you, we determine the growth strategy of your company. We analyze the gap between reality and possibility and find the best technological solutions for the future of your company.

2. Development

Once the vision of the future is aligned with the technical development direction, we make a step-by-step plan to to implement. We choose the right tools for a rapid software development.

3. Delivery

Our team works on the basis of Scrum and Lean approach. In sprints of several weeks, new features are added each time introduced within your business processes. As a result we get quick user feedback and can operational problems are resolved quickly.

4. Maintenance

All software development is maintenance-friendly, which means we unburden you immediately after delivery. Updates are performed iteratively. In this way the technical solutions remain uniform and continuous development and the software remains constantly up to date.

With the best technology




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Over 50 years of experience

4BIS is a young and international team that is driven by coffee and fun. Not a standard IT provider, but a close family of ambitious professionals. With Edwin on operations, Max for strategy and the development team represented by Tom & Rens. Together we share the same vision: innovation drives the world and to be able to innovate you need good digital tools & software. With our 50 years of experience we can help you grow your business to impressive standards.

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We like to work together

At 4BIS we higly motivate new partnerships in which we can help eachother grow.

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And what can we do for you?_

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