DeployerPHP upgraded to version 6

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updated: Mar 29, 2019 at 3:47PM | published: Oct 6, 2017

Team of Deployer released on 22 August 2017 complete new version of this great deployment tool. The new release has version 6.

Till this moment extra bug fixes and adjustments were provided. So latest version is Deployer 6.0.3.


We successfully migrated to the latest version, but some changes in scripts were required. The major change we had to do was switch from naming of variable ‘env_vars’ to ‘env’ and change of it’s behaviour.

task(‘database:backup’, function () {
// from
// – run(‘{{env}} {{bin/php}} {{bin/console}} doctrine:migrations:migrate {{console_options}} –allow-no-migration’);
// to
run(‘{{bin/php}} {{bin/console}} doctrine:migrations:migrate {{console_options}} –allow-no-migration’);
})->desc(‘We do checks on DB’);

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Software ontwikkeling op maat

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