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Published: 01.04.2020

You can also purchase a package from us for your website or webshop hosting, then we will set up a development environment for you so that you can get started immediately, we can also set up a landing page with coming soon text for you. We offer a premium hosting package so you don't have to worry about anything except what your business revolves around. That's what our entire motto revolves around "4 business", we want to be the technology partner that completely unburdens you from a technical point of view. If you want your domain name to point elsewhere, you can log in to our admin portal where you will be automatically invited.

We regularly receive requests from customers to register a domain name. And although in principle this does not take much time, there is a lot more to it than you would expect. Before you can use a domain name to refer to your website, there are still a few steps. First of all you have to buy it, then set up the correct name servers, then you have to set the DNS data and then we create a mail domain so that you can create email boxes on it. The last few steps are requesting an ssl certificate and the correct data on the web server to point it to your website. As you can see, there is more to it than buying a domain name and saying refer to it.

Although all these steps are relatively easy to set up, we wanted to see if we could not automate this. Because although it does not take a lot of time, it can still add up if you have multiple domain names. That is why we have automated this entire process and now you can check on our website under domain name availability whether the domain name you want is available. If this is available, you can fill in a form and after payment the domain name will be registered for you and the DNS data will be automatically created for our hosting.


And if this is your first domain name with us, your first email box will also be created automatically. This allows you to log in to our webmail so that you can immediately get started with your new domain name.

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If your website is hosted with us and it is ready, we will put an SSL certificate on your domain name so that all traffic with your website/webshop and/or email is safe. We also put all google business tools on it such as google tag manager and google webmaster tools so that you can see exactly who visits your website and which keywords you should target. So you can better manage your SEO.

What is SSL

What is an SSL certificate? What is an SSL connection?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and is an extension of existing Internet communication protocols. SSL ensures, among other things, encryption within the HTTP protocol. An SSL certificate provides the 'HTTPS lock' in your browser when a website is opened via a secure connection.

AVG warning! If your website uses a contact form, you are obliged to have a secure connection to exchange the contact details. An SSL certificate is what you need! Prevent the message "your connection is not private" on your website with 4BIS Webhosting

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