Business email with your own domain name. Where do you start?

To receive and send email via your own domain, you need an email server. Setting up an effective email infrastructure is not easy. It is often a high investment and you also need specialist knowledge in-house to maintain the mail server.

To receive and send email via your own domain, you need an email server. Because this is a technical challenge and often a costly affair if you do it yourself, we did it for you. The 4BIS mail cluster receives the email for your domain and forwards it to the correct inbox. By using the latest techniques in the field of SPAM and Fishing filtering you will no longer be bothered by unpleasant and annoying e-mails, we will remove them for you.

No specialist knowledge required in-house.

Setting up an effective email infrastructure is not easy. It is often a high investment and you also need specialist knowledge in-house to maintain the mail server.


Research shows that about 75% of company-sensitive information is spread via email. For example, think of quotations, invoices and customer data. This is data that you obviously do not want to lose and to which others should not have access. Safety is therefore important. By using the latest security techniques, we minimize the risk of misuse of your valuable information. Of course, making daily backups is part of our service.

Always available

By carrying out continuous preventive maintenance, we ensure that the email servers are always online. This way we can receive and deliver email 24 hours a day.


POP3 and IMAP are protocols that allow email traffic. But what's the difference, and which one should you choose?

With POP3 – in full Post Office Protocol 3 – the latest version of the internet standard is POP. The precursors, POP1 and POP2 are virtually no longer used. When people talk about the POP protocol, we are always talking about POP3.

POP was developed for transferring mail from an email server to a local email client without a constant internet connection. Messages are stored locally and can be viewed and edited without an internet connection. After retrieving the mail from the email server, the message is deleted from the server.

The POP standard, like many other older internet standards, basically only supports one way to login and this way is unencrypted. Your password is therefore sent to the POP server without encryption. Because this is of course unacceptable, various ways have been created to secure the POP protocol via SSL, but nothing unambiguous has yet been created in the RFC standard for this.

What are the pros and cons of POP3?


- You don't always have to be connected to the internet.

- No problem exceeding the maibox size. You empty your INBOX every time you retrieve your email.


- Without a correct backup, all your mail will be lost if your computer crashes. If you use the POP protocol, make sure you have a good backup!

- POP is not suitable if you read email on different devices. Because you retrieve email from the server, it is only on that specific device. Also created folders are only on that specific device.

- This means you cannot work with multiple people in a POP email box.


Internet Message Access Protocol, IMAP for short, is a protocol for synchronizing email between a server and an email client. IMAP is now in its 4th version and in this 4th version the option for security has been added. Where unsecured IMAP connections run over port 143, IMAP over SSL over port 993.

IMAP is a much more complex and comprehensive protocol than POP3. With IMAP you normally work directly on the mail server via the internet. An internet connection is therefore always necessary. However, you can also choose to work in an offline or disconnected-access mode. Here you save the email locally and when connected you synchronize your changes again with the mailbox on the server.


-If your laptop, tablet or smartphone crashes, a copy of your email is always stored on the server.

- Email can be viewed on multiple devices at the same time. You see the same emails on every device.

- Working together with your colleagues in 1 INBOX.


- To view email you always need an internet connection.

- Email boxes must be cleaned up so as not to exceed the maximum size.

We have made a nice tool where you can create your own email signature. If you already have an email box at 4BIS, you can read here how you can set it up correctly on your computer or telephone.

Digital Signature Generator


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