Optimize your checkout process: This is how you optimize the last step for your webshop

The checkout process is extremely important for an online store. It doesn't matter what kind of online store you have, if the checkout process is not optimized, people can abandon the purchase.

Naturally, you want to prevent this as much as possible. Many online shops miss opportunities. In this blog we will explain how you can optimize the checkout process of your webshop.

Avoid these errors in your checkout process

There are a number of errors that we see frequently in the checkout process. These are the following errors:

  • No optimization for mobile users
  • Safety for your users
  • Missed opportunities on the payment page
  • Keep testing
  • Choose the right software for your webshop

The hosting for your website also makes a pretty big error. It is very important to get excellent hosting to improve the speed of your site.

No optimization for mobile users

For websites, not optimizing for mobile users is already a missed opportunity. However, this is even more the case for an online store. It is important to optimize the entire process for mobile users.

Some things to pay close attention to when it comes to optimizing for mobile users are the software tools you use. It is important that these are also well tailored for mobile. In addition, your website itself must also be responsive.

Since more than 50% of all visitors to online stores are mobile users, neglecting mobile optimization is like taking money from your own wallet. Purchases from mobile users are also canceled twice as quickly. This makes optimization even more important.

Safety for your users

Users on your website should feel safe while using your website. This is especially important during the checkout process, as users enter personal information here.

You can opt for extra security during the checkout process, but this may be at the expense of user convenience. Make sure you find a good balance between these.

Missed opportunities on the payment page

On the payment page you often see missed opportunities. Consider the following missed opportunities:

  • No error messages in the payment form if incorrect information is entered
  • No warning for an invalid or expired card number
  • No automatic data entry
  • No option to enter a billing and shipping address

If you do not inform users about errors made by means of an error message, there is a good chance that they will abort the transaction. It is then not clear what exactly goes wrong. These small details ensure more conversion on your website. With the e-commerce solution webshopgenie.com developed by the 4BIS software development team, your webshop payment page is immediately optimized.

Continue testing the checkout process

With every adjustment you make to the checkout process, it is important to test again. You want to include the users' thoughts as much as possible.

That is why it is important not to test alone. Try to think like your target group when testing. You can also engage other people to test everything.

Think carefully about what people like about the checkout process and what makes them think: 'Never mind'.

Choose the right software for your webshop

It is very important to choose the right software for your webshop. It doesn't hurt to do a little 'extra'. This way you can opt for software development, so that the software exactly meets your needs.

Our customization can help you design the checkout process of your website as best as possible.

Are you looking for a software company to build a webshop, but need a total e-commerce solution? Then the cloud platform webshopgenie.com from our software development company is for you.

With webshopgenie.com you can implement e-commerce on your website without having to worry about integrating the entire e-commerce software into your own website. This makes it easy to have an e-commerce component and start selling online without too much hassle.

Tip: webshopgenie.com is the ideal solution to scale your website to e-commerce.

Among the many great features developed by our platform are the product information system, the integration with payment providers, the customized checkout process, the inventory system, the shipping and returns management, or bol.com integration. Everything you need for e-commerce can be found at webshopgenie.com

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