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Published: 02.10.2020

Last week we completed a number of fun projects that I will tell you more about. We have completed the StyleMathôt website and made it live. We completed styletransfer, a webdav interface where StyleMathôt customers can drop their files. We have completed the first version of, the endpoint for everything related to online advertising. And our intern created an interface for our URL shortener. So many exciting developments!

StyleMathôt website

StyleMathôt is a hip graphics company whose core business is the production of commercial and advertising printing. They also make chocolate wrappers, LP covers and produce promotional printing and packaging. In short, a full-service company that processes both large and small orders.

First of all, the new StyleMathôt website went live last week. We redesigned the entire website so that the SEO structure is technically well put together and gave the entire design a fresh look. We have also created a beautiful inspiration page where they can showcase their impressive products. Each product page has a fresh look with sharp photos that showcase their products beautifully.

We have also developed a web DAV system for StyleMatôt style transfer where their customers can upload files and share them directly with their account managers. The files are neatly uploaded to the CDN and those for whom the files are intended receive an email with a notification that someone has shared something with them.

Digital Signature Generator

In addition to StyleMathôt, we also completed the finishing touches for the first version of Digital Signature Generator this week. Digital Signature Generator is a complete platform that aims to help entrepreneurs with their email signatures and make it easy to set up and design. This way, entrepreneurs can see per department whether they can put important data in e-mail signatures.

We have used a lot of new and fun techniques for Digital Signature Generator. We have a members area where people can log in and change their company and details. All this is controlled from the admin panel, a complete portal that manages everything for the website. Here you have a complete overview of all customers who have registered on the website and all colleagues who have been created, in short, you can manage everything that your customer will create on the front of the website.

To read more about symfony or portals, click below!

In addition, you can also create new pages for the website or new blocks that you can create on the website on the admin portal. This way you can easily publish new pages in style with the rest of the website. But it doesn't stop there, we have used a new technique especially for, namely the service worker

What is a customer portal?

What is a customer portal? And what do you need it for?

A customer portal is a business web application where your customers can log in and edit their data and manage services that you offer as a company. You should think here of managing purchased services, if you sell services, or managing accounts of a company that sells subscriptions. Customer portals come in all sizes and shapes.

A customer portal ensures that your customers can arrange a lot themselves, but it also offers an excellent marketing channel to keep your customers informed and to purchase subsequent services. Although it is useful to have one, developing a customer portal can quickly add up to costs. That is why we build our portals in Symfony, a PHP framework with components that are reusable. This way you make the best choices for your company to have a customer portal built.

If you would like to have a customer portal developed for your company, please contact our specialists! PLEASE CONTACT US

And last but certainly not least, our intern Jason created an interface for our URL shortener. He uses PHP and makes an API call to the backend of our URL shortener so that people can go to the website and request short URLs themselves. But our new super intern cannot be stopped. Next week he will build this into our portal so that customers can also shorten a URL there, but also view information about how often it has been clicked.

As you can read, we have done a lot this week, so we now think it is time for a Friday afternoon drink. Do you need your own portal or do you think I also need a solution similar to what we have described above? Please contact us quickly or request a quote!

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