Starting a new website? What should you pay attention to?

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Gepubliceerd: 16.10.2020

Starting a new website can be an exciting and challenging process. That's why in this article I want to give you a few tips & give tricks to watch out for throughout the entire process. Among other things, I will briefly talk about functional design / website structure / functionality / conversion rates and mobile first so that you will not be surprised.

Nice! You want to start a new website. In this article I'm going to give you some tips & tricks & must-do's that are crucial when creating a new website. When customers want to create a new website or order one from us, they often want to start building immediately. This is usually not the right approach because it often causes you to have a bad structure on your website and if it has to be a large website you can no longer see the wood for the trees.

But then the question is what should you do? Before you start building a new website, it is useful to think about what I want to achieve with my new website? Is that selling products / informing people / instructing people or one of the thousand other reasons why someone can start a website. All these reasons have one thing in common, they need people. After all, you don't make a website so that no one ever comes on it.

Functional design

That is why we always start with writing a concise Functional Design before we start a new website. First we discuss with the customer what exactly needs to be achieved with the website and on the basis of that we record a number of things so that we are not faced with surprises later. This also ensures that we can make a better estimate so that we or customers are not faced with surprises.


Among other things, we determine the structure of the website here. For example, if you are creating a website for a company that offers services, you expect the services to be listed under a global services page and not under the main page. In addition to giving your site a much more logical layout, it also ensures that you can be found better by Google.

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In somewhat larger websites it is often not the case that every page looks different, this is also not useful because it causes your website to look much too chaotic and you also make sure that you show that services pages have the same look but with other content with this you create the feeling that they are both services. To create the page again for every page is crazy work and a waste of time. That's why we work with templates so that we don't have to reinvent the wheel for every page.

That is why we often make a mockup of the template with the help of our landing page builder, so that we immediately have the html of the template. With this we can very easily via our drag & drop builder quickly put together a basic template that is also directly responsive. We can do this together with customers so that no one is faced with surprises.


Another big topic that we often use here is functionality. Some functionality only has an impact on a page, for example a booking module for a hair salon. And other functionality affects all pages, for example a website that must be available in multiple languages. That is why, depending on what kind of functionality a customer wants, we have to think carefully about how we can implement this in the website.

To build

Once we have a good functional design, we can start building. Our design allows us to quickly set up the pages, but before we start building there is one more important point that I want to explain. Nowadays, websites are visited more via a mobile and tablet instead of a desktop. We see this trend more and more for all branches, of course there are exceptions to some branches, mainly B2B, financial and recruitment have even more traffic via desktop. But we also see the number of mobile users increasing in these sectors.

That is why it is important when we build that we take into account that all information/functionality that you want on your website can also be viewed or used on a mobile device. That is why we always have to build mobile first when building a website and then work up to a desktop. And that we keep a close eye on the flow of the website on a mobile. If you want the customer to press a certain button, it is not useful if it is at the very bottom and that you can only reach it after scrolling down for fifteen minutes.

Finished! But what now?

Well we have now launched our website completely within budget thanks to our functional design and taking into account mobile first development. Now we have to wait for the first sale/customer, but they don't come by themselves. Unfortunately, we still see too often people who think that if they put their website live, the customers will come automatically. Unfortunately that's not how it works, it takes time and hard work to get people to your website. If you have taken the above things into account, you have made a good first step, but we are not there yet. It is important to see how many visitors my website needs to run monthly. If you know this, you can start to see whether it is useful to run ads or whether you should focus more on SEO.


To see how many visitors your website needs, you need some data. This can often be obtained from a combination of google anatlytics and google webmaster tools, which is why it is so important that both are properly configured because they contain very valuable information.

Suppose you have to bring in 4000 gross to run quite well and you make 40 euros gross profit per product sold, then you have to sell 100 products per month to achieve that. Then you see how many visitors you need to make 1 sale, based on this you can calculate your conversion rate. Your conversion rate is highly dependent on the product you sell and whether you have regular visitors or not. For example, has quite a high conversion rate because people who go there already know what they want to buy. Suppose you have a conversion rate of 1.2%, which means that if we want to sell 1 product, we need 83.3 visitors. We had previously calculated that we had to sell 100 so to get there we need 8330 people on our website.

If you then have to pay an amount per person to get them to your website, this can quickly add up. That is why it is so important to ensure that your website is as solid as possible before you start advertising. If you want to grow more organic traffic to your website, SEO can really be something for you.

I hope you learned in this article that good preparation when building your website can make a big difference and in the end result in a better website. Do you need help creating a functional design or creating a website? Please contact our team and we will be happy to assist you.

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