Web application: What exactly is it and when is it useful?

You have most likely come across the term web app or web application. A web app is an app that can be accessed via the internet (usually your browser). In this blog we will further explain what a web app is and how it comes in handy.

What is a web application?

In short, a web application is a software solution that can be accessed via the internet. In the past, software always had to be downloaded before it could be used. Nowadays, it is also possible to access software via a server. All data from the web app is stored on a server, so you can access the data at any time and anywhere. You open a browser, enter the web address, log in if necessary and you can get started with the program. The nice thing about web applications is that they come in all shapes and sizes. At 4BIS we build them completely to measure. We can even host the web application for you, so you don't have to look for a server yourself. Contact us directly for the possibilities!

How does a web app come in handy?

A web app is very versatile. It comes in handy if you want to create a website with more than just text, a contact page, and a number of blogs. A web application can handle much heavier tasks. Furthermore, a web app can be used in the form of a portal. This allows you to automate processes, work more customer-oriented, and create a clear working environment for employees.

Below are a number of examples of things that web apps are regularly used for:

  • Administration (financial and HR)
  • E-learning
  • Project registration
  • Schedule
  • Inventory management and purchasing

This is just the tip of the iceberg. In principle, all software can be developed in the form of a web app.

Benefits of a web app

  • The software is available anytime and anywhere
  • No disk space is required on the computer
  • The entire environment doesn’t need to be adjusted during an update. The browser can easily be refreshed and the web app is updated
  • A web app can be designed entirely according to taste and preferences. 4BIS is happy to help you with this!

Disadvantages of a web app

  • A web app is accessible via a web server, which makes the software more susceptible to hackers. Good security is extremely important
  • Internet is necessary, so the speed of the web app depends on the speed of the internet

To ensure that the speed remains optimal and the app remains properly secured, regular maintenance is important. We are happy to help you with optimization, extra security, and modernization!

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