Enhance User Experience and Navigation with 4BIS Intro Demo Maker WordPress Plugin


Published: 31.01.2024

Is your website feeling cluttered, leaving visitors unsure of where to navigate? Fear not! We have the perfect solution for you – introducing the 4BIS Intro Demo Maker plugin. This powerful WordPress plugin allows you to create engaging and informative tutorials, guiding your visitors through your web pages effortlessly. In just a few simple steps, users can grasp the essence of your website, making their online experience seamless and enjoyable.

How Does the Plugin Work?

Implementing the 4BIS Intro Demo Maker plugin on your WordPress website is a breeze. Activate the plugin, create a new tutorial, and click on "create tutorial steps." This intuitive menu enables you to define the steps of your tutorial.

Choose the tutorial for which you want to create a step. Enter the text you wish to display on the screen. Optionally, add an ID for the element you want to highlight, providing even clearer instructions. Not satisfied with the appearance? Customize it with a bit of CSS. Once you deem it perfect, hit save, reload the webpage, and witness your tutorial in action.

Upon loading the webpage, your tutorial kicks off, featuring a highlighted area around the specified text box, button, or any other element you've designated for instruction. Users can click "next" to proceed to the next step after reading the highlighted information.

Try it here!

Why Should You Use the Plugin?

Many websites struggle with providing clear directions for visitors, leading to confusion and wasted time. Without guidance, users may leave in frustration or seek information on competing websites. This is where the 4BIS Intro Demo Maker plugin shines.

By seamlessly integrating this plugin into your website, you can effortlessly offer clear instructions on what users should or can do. The plugin simplifies the process, requiring only installation before you can start crafting user-friendly tutorials. This not only enhances the overall user experience but also reduces the chances of visitors abandoning your site in search of answers elsewhere.


In the competitive online landscape, user experience is paramount. The 4BIS Intro Demo Maker WordPress plugin empowers you to transform your website into a user-friendly haven. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to seamless navigation with this innovative tool. Install the plugin today and start guiding your visitors through an optimized online journey.

Don't let your website be a maze; make it a delightful stroll with the 4BIS Intro Demo Maker plugin!

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