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As we discussed in an earlier article, the versatility of WordPress almost limitless. This is due to plugins, with plugins you can add WordPress functionality Expand or add completely new features to WordPress. You can make plugins yourself, provided you know how develop in PHP, or you can download them. You can at wordpress.org/plugins +55,000 plugins ranging from small pieces ofPHP & JavaScriptcode that a perform a small function or very large plugins that transform your WordPress into a complete one webshop.

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This does not mean that we have to install every WordPress plugin we get our hands on because every plugin takes up space on the server where our site is hosted and makes the website a bit slower. How much slower depends of course on the size of the plugin and the functionality you add. In short, think carefully about what you add, if you cannot answer the question "Why do I need this plugin?" then you shouldn't add it.

So before you start you should always ask yourself what is the purpose of my website and what do I want to achieve. Once you have answered that question, you can start looking for suitable WordPress plugins. There are a number of plugins that are always useful regardless of the purpose of your website.

A form builder, almost every website needs a contact form, now there are a number of plugins that add this functionality. Ninja Forms is a form builder plugin with a lot of extensions that ensures that you never have to do anything again. other needs in terms of forms.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugin, nowadays findability on Google is one of the most important things for websites. That is why a good SEO plugin is indispensable for every website. SmartCrawl is one of the better ones for this, it ensures that you one click can generate your sitemap, analyzes your web pages and has a clear area where you can put your title & can fill in meta descriptions. Of course, this won't ensure that your website reaches the top in one fell swoop, but it does ensure that some of the things required are easy to manage.

If you want to start an online store, you can also do that with WordPress, but you will need an e-commerce plugin. The best known and largest in this regard is WooCommerce. This plugin adds everything you need to run an online store to WordPress. Because WooCommmerce plugin is the largest, many extensions have been made over the years so that you can personalize your webshop even further so that you can give your customers the best possible customer experience.

If you are going to start an online store, you should also think carefully about SEO. So that your products end up high in the search lists. One of the latest developments in this area is the Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets also known as “Rich Results” are normal Google search results but also show extra data. Think of reviews for your products, even before they arrive on your webshop, people have already seen that your product has 5 stars.

Now it may be that the functionality you need is not there despite the large selection. Or it is surrounded by a lot of extra functionality that you are not looking for. We often run into problems with the latter in particular, which is why at one point we started creating plugins ourselves to get exactly the functionality we need, nothing more, nothing less. Thanks to our years of experience with PHP development, we can easily build plugins that add value for our customers, remain limited in size and only require the necessary add functionality. We normally only develop plugins specifically for our technical infrastructure, but we have decided to release 2 WordPress plugins for the worldwide audience.

The first plugin is Fourbis Monthly Email Report developed for WooCommerce. Our customers asked us if we had something so that they could gain more insight into their monthly sales. Now there are a number of Woocommerce plugins that you can buy, but they just did not have what we needed. That is why we have developed one ourselves that offers us everything we need to gain a good insight into the sales of an online store. You will receive a monthly overview on the first day of the day of how much you have earned in total over the past month, a total of which products you have sold and a list of which products have been ordered with the corresponding order number.

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The second plugin is the Fourbis Chart Navigator. We have developed these for customers who deal with large lists or charts. Imagine you are working on a top 100 best film list, each position contains the title of the film and a short explanation about the film. You can add the Fourbis Chart Navigator after each position so that you can easily navigate between the different positions and at the same time ensure that everything remains clear.

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Our two plugins are open source & can be downloaded free at profiles.WordPress.org/4bisplugins. We are working on even more plugins so keep an eye on our site for updates. If you are urgently looking for specific custom functionality then go to our software quote page. If you have a good idea or would like to talk about an idea, you can always contact us.

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