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Key Features

5S App: Streamline workplace organization and efficiency with our intuitive app.
ConditionMeter: Revolutionize asset management with our comprehensive online dashboard.
QHSE Safety App: Ensure compliance with quality, health, safety, and environmental standards.
QuoteManager: Streamline team communication, data storage, and task management.
Lean App: Digitize workplace processes for enhanced efficiency and communication.

Project Description

CI Company came to us with a request for software modernisation and development. The QHSE-app (Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental) offers a solution for tracking all QHSE related incidents on the workfloor. The application was in need of updates and extra functionality, along with cloud integration and safety report generation.

CI Company offers the QHSE-application as a way of logging safety related incidents and getting insight in workfloor safety. The application was outdated and required thorough updating and rewriting in order to implement new features. As the application was originally created by another developer through outsourcing, all data had to be migrated and the codebase was only partially available.

The Challenges

No access to data and codebase Because this application was originally developed abroad by an outsourcing company, the data and codebase were not directly available and were not provided to us.

Fast development required Our customer feared loss of data and code if the outsourcing company ever decided to pull the plug on the project. Fast development and migrations were required in order to guarantee continuity.

The Solution

Not having access to the data or codebase meant rewriting most of the code and scraping the data manually, while maintaining the existing functionality for existing users.

After discussing the requirements with our client and viewing the existing application, we created a short-term roadmap to start migrating and rewriting the application.

We recreated all the screens for the application while modernizing the code. We scraped the data from the live app and migrated it to our own databases.

The Results

We migrated the application in record-time and improved the code and workflow. We implemented new features and integrated all data in a combined dashboard. These new features and new dynamics were a persuasion factor for new customers to start using the QHSE application, resulting in direct growth of the company and eventually profit.

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