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Client Profile

Silver Tiger Logistics was facing significant challenges with their operational processes. They were using a multitude of different software systems, resulting in inefficiencies and difficulties in keeping data up-to-date. They needed a solution that allowed them to retain their familiar systems while centralizing their data management. The company aimed to streamline their logistics and improve their overall business efficiency through a customized software solution.

Key Features

  • Outlook Mail Integration
  • Dropbox Integration
  • Centralized Planning Software
  • Comprehensive Information System
  • Advanced CRM Module
  • Automated Workflow Management
  • Real-time Data Synchronization
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Scalability for Future Growth
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Project Description

Our custom software solution significantly improved Silver Tiger Logistics logistical processes and overall business efficiency. By integrating Outlook Mail, Dropbox, and more, we created a bespoke planning software, information system, and CRM tailored to their needs. The solution was designed to streamline logistics, enhance data management, and provide real-time insights into business operations.

The Challenges

Our client faced several key challenges:

  • Different Systems: The client used multiple systems for various tasks, causing inefficiency due to constant switching. This fragmented approach made it difficult to maintain a cohesive view of operations.
  • Manual Processes: Manual tracking of business operations through different mail folders and cloud storage locations was time-consuming and prone to errors. This lack of automation led to significant inefficiencies and increased the risk of data loss.
  • Data Management: Data tracking primarily through archived folders and Excel sheets led to inaccuracies and outdated information. The absence of a centralized data repository hindered effective decision-making and slowed down business processes.

The Solution

We developed a custom software solution, starting with a basic Exchange extension and evolving into a full-fledged application. This solution integrated Outlook Mail and Dropbox, and included a planning module and CRM module, centralizing all systems into one platform. Automation and internal communication improvements were also implemented to streamline processes and ensure data accuracy. Our approach was to create a scalable solution that could grow with the client’s business, ensuring long-term viability and continuous improvement.

The Results

  • Efficiency: Overall work efficiency improved by 70% due to system integrations and process automation. This significant boost in efficiency allowed the client to handle more business without proportional increases in resources.
  • Productivity: Employee productivity increased as they could focus on more strategic tasks. With automated processes handling routine tasks, employees were able to dedicate their time to higher-value activities, driving business growth.
  • Data Accuracy: The system ensured up-to-date data with live notifications for updates. This real-time data synchronization reduced errors and provided accurate insights for decision-making, enhancing the overall operational effectiveness.

Our custom software solution optimized the client's workflows, enabling significant business growth and development. The integration of various systems into a single platform streamlined operations, reduced manual labor, and improved data accuracy. We continue to provide long-term care and support to keep their systems up-to-date and functioning optimally.

With our extensive experience in creating business software and optimizing work processes, we can provide you with custom solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you are looking to enhance your logistics operations, streamline data management, or automate business processes, our team can develop a solution that aligns with your goals. Contact us for a quote today and discover how our custom software solutions can transform your business.


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