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About Case

Cleaning Service was founded in 1988 and has since grown into a true specialist in the field of cleaning with activities throughout the country. They came to 4BIS because they have a needed a new website that had to be clear and well-organized for their customers. One online overview of their services and the possibility to request quotes. With good findability on Google.

In consultation with the customer, it was discussed which items should be on the website. Here we have it mainly talked about the services offered, a clear url structure and the regular release of blog articles for SEO. We have given the website a clean design so that it is clear and is clear. Every month we do an SEO research for them to see how the website has performed compared to the previous month. And we make an overview of the most used keywords in this industry. The customer can use this data for new articles and we adjust content where necessary so that they contain relevant keywords.

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