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Welcome to Fitness14 - Your gateway to personal training with Ferdi Karakus!

Fitness14 is your go-to platform to hire the renowned Ferdi Karakus as your personal trainer. With an illustrious background as captain of the American Football team 010 Trojans from Rotterdam and representing our country in national American Football competitions as part of The Dutch Lions, Ferdi brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his training sessions.

In addition to personal training, Ferdi gives invigorating group lessons with Circuit Training. As a certified trainer, he has the knowledge to tailor the best training and nutrition schedules for you.

Our project started with a thorough analysis, which allowed us to create an impeccable design that captures the essence of Fitness14 and Ferdi's expertise. As we continue the development phase, we chose to build the website on the robust WordPress platform, while taking advantage of Woocommerce's seamless payment processing capabilities.

To streamline the booking process and improve efficiency, we integrated the Amelia booking system. With Amelia, booking a session becomes a breeze as appointments are automatically synced to Ferdi's Google calendar, ensuring smooth scheduling.

Experience the transformative power of personalized training with Ferdi Karakus at Fitness14. Whether you are an aspiring athlete or an individual seeking a healthier lifestyle, Ferdi's guidance will propel you towards your fitness goals.

Take on the challenge and embark on a journey of self-improvement with Fitness14 and Ferdi Karakus. Take the first step towards a fitter and healthier you today.


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