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Welcome to Hollandse Huisjes, the premier web shop offering a delightful selection of handmade home accessories featuring iconic Dutch buildings and city maps. Our carefully crafted products showcase the essence of Dutch culture, adding a touch of charm to any home.

At Hollandse Huisjes, we take pride in our WordPress-based webshop, powered by the WooCommerce plugin. Our complex product structure has been meticulously designed to ensure optimal indexing by Google, enhancing the visibility of our pages in search results.

As a gift-oriented webshop, we've integrated a convenient wishlist functionality within WooCommerce, allowing our customers to create personalized collections.

To elevate your shopping experience, we've seamlessly integrated Google products and Facebook products, enabling our dedicated marketing department to showcase our curated selection to a broader audience. Our dedication to SEO extends to the layout, ensuring an optimized browsing experience, and a streamlined, user-friendly checkout multi-step process. Discover the essence of Holland through our exquisite handmade creations at Hollandse Huisjes, and bring home a piece of Dutch heritage today.

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