4BIS Customer Portal: Manage Domains, Projects, and Services Easily

Customer Profile

At 4BIS, we provide support and solutions tailored to your software and technology needs. However, there was no system in place for clients to gain insight into their services and projects, leading to occasional miscommunication and inefficiencies.

Key Features

  • Workflow Management and Insights
  • Support Services
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Information System
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Project Description

Through our customer portal: we offer clients insights into the services they avail from 4BIS. The portal allows managing domains, email settings, tracking project statuses, and creating support tickets for technical issues.

Challenges Faced

The main challenge was determining what should and shouldn't be included in the portal. What's obvious to us isn't always so for the end-user, leading to usability concerns.

Solution Implemented

We opted for a straightforward, 'no-nonsense' customer portal, empowering clients to manage various aspects independently. Users can:

  • Domains: View and manage domains conveniently, with the option to add new domains quickly.
  • Email Accounts: Access mailboxes, settings, create new mailboxes, and set passwords per mailbox.
  • Projects/Tasks: Each project features a project board detailing tasks, progress, and responsibilities.
  • HTML Templates: Utilize standard templates to create simple websites swiftly.
  • Support Tickets: Easily create and manage support tickets, check ticket status, edit, and respond post-resolution.
  • Company Details: Manage necessary data, user access, and permissions within the customer portal.
  • Feedback Button: Provide feedback directly through the portal to inform us of issues or suggestions.

We chose a flexible, resilient platform that adapts and expands with new developments and needs, welcoming client feedback to enhance the portal collaboratively.

Results Achieved

The result is a straightforward, user-friendly 'no-nonsense' customer portal enhancing collaboration and efficiency. Everything can be managed from one place: mijn.4bis.tech.

Our custom software solution optimized client workflows, fostering significant business growth. Integration of diverse systems streamlined operations, reduced manual efforts, and enhanced data accuracy. Continuous support ensures systems remain optimal and updated.

With extensive experience in business software development and process optimization, we provide tailored solutions that align with your specific needs. Whether enhancing logistics, streamlining data management, or automating operations, our team develops solutions aligned with your goals. Contact us today for a quote and discover how our custom software solutions can transform your business.


4BIS Customer Portal: Manage Domains, Projects, and Services Easily

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