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StyleMathôt is a graphics company that works with numbers from one to tens of thousands works on commercial and advertising printing. In addition, they also have some niche products such as record sleeves and promotional gifts such as Easter eggs and wine bottles that can be printed in your own corporate identity or theme.

At StyleMathôt they not only think along with the customer, but above all also with the environment. For example, they use bio-inks and FSC® paper and you can find several environmental certificates on their website.

In order to be able to offer their services, 4BIS has been asked to develop a well-organized website for their customers. For the project we started by making an analysis through conversations with StyleMathôt. Next is We made a design and started developing. The StyleMathôt site is built in WordPress, contains in several places the possibility to request a quote and the website is easy to find on Google.

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