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Welcome to Waardervol - Your Gateway to Free Company Publications in Haarlem!

Waardervol is a specialized project designed to support companies in the Haarlem region by providing them with a platform to publish their company information for free via a newspaper. Additionally, you can explore older editions of Waardervol and view them in their original state.

User-friendliness was a top priority for us while creating Waardervol. Our aim was to empower the team behind Waardervol to easily manage and customize the website. To achieve this, we implemented custom post types in WordPress and crafted self-made templates, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in making adjustments, such as adding messages or changing pages.

Our collaboration began with a comprehensive analysis and fruitful discussions with Waardervol. Drawing insights from these consultations, we crafted a design that places user experience at the forefront. The development phase followed, and we built the website using our 4BIS CMS, streamlining the process for efficiently adjusting or adding new functionalities.

Discover the wealth of information and opportunities for companies in the Haarlem region with Waardervol. Our platform offers a seamless experience for both companies seeking to publish and individuals interested in exploring the newspaper's rich history.

Join the growing community of companies benefiting from Waardervol's user-friendly platform and unparalleled convenience.

Unleash the potential of your company and connect with the Haarlem region through Waardervol's free company publications.

Explore the possibilities with Waardervol today!

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