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Domain names are unique and human-readable web addresses that serve as the online identity for websites on the internet. They provide a user-friendly way for people to access websites by replacing complex IP addresses with easy-to-remember text. A typical domain name consists of two parts: the top-level domain (TLD), such as .com, .org, or .net, and the second-level domain (SLD), which is the specific, customizable part chosen by the website owner. Domain names are essential for branding, as they help establish a recognizable online presence for businesses, organizations, and individuals. They are registered through domain registrars and must be renewed periodically to maintain ownership and website accessibility.


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Business email with your own domain name. Where do you start?

Domain names, Managed Hosting, Hosting, E-Mail

To receive and send email via your own domain, you need an email server. Setting up an effective email infrastructure is not easy. It is often a high investment and you also need specialist knowledge in-house to maintain the mail server.

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Domain Name Ordering – New Feature!

Domain names, Web development

You can also purchase a package from us for your website or webshop hosting, then we will set up a development environment for you so that you can get started immediately, we can also set up a landing page with coming soon text for you. We offer a premium...

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