Hosting is a service that allows individuals and businesses to make their websites, applications, or digital content accessible on the internet. Hosting providers offer server space and resources, allowing users to store their website files, databases, and other digital assets on these servers. This enables websites and applications to be accessed by people worldwide through web browsers or other online means. Hosting services come in various forms, including shared hosting (multiple users share a server), VPS hosting (virtual private server with dedicated resources), and dedicated hosting (an entire server dedicated to one user), each catering to different hosting needs and requirements.


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software ontwikkeling


software ontwikkeling

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Articles related to Hosting

Optimize your checkout process: This is how you optimize the last step for your webshop

Ecommerce / Webshop, SEO / SEA, Hosting

The checkout process is extremely important for an online store. It doesn't matter what kind of online store you have, if the checkout process is not optimized, people can abandon the purchase.

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Incoming email spam

Hosting, Email box, E-Mail, Spam

In the world of ubiquitous email communication, we face a growing challenge: email spam. These unwanted messages not only disrupt our digital inboxes but also pose risks. In this article, we examine the causes, consequences, and provide insights into...

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Pro's & Con's of Developing Custom Software

Software Modernisation, Web development, Managed Hosting, SEO / SEA, Ecommerce / Webshop, Hosting, Symfony, PHP

In the digital age, businesses are presented with the opportunity to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and gain a competitive edge through the use of software solutions. When it comes to meeting specific organizational needs, the decision...

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Create your own plugin in WordPress

Knowledge Base, Web development, Managed Hosting, Hosting, PHP, MySQL

We have already taken you into the wonderful world of WordPress plugins. This week I'm going to explain how you can make your own plugin based on a small example. I'm going to show you how to make a small plugin that adds bootstrap functionality to your...

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Symfony vs WordPress

Knowledge Base, Automate, Managed Hosting, Hosting, Web development, Symfony, PHP

Symfony and WordPress 2 different systems but there are also enough similarities in this article I will give a few examples. Symfony has many more bundles than wordpress plugins. Symfony is more flexible while wordpress is easier to use. Symphony is...

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Business email with your own domain name. Where do you start?

Domain names, Managed Hosting, Hosting, E-Mail

To receive and send email via your own domain, you need an email server. Setting up an effective email infrastructure is not easy. It is often a high investment and you also need specialist knowledge in-house to maintain the mail server.

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