JavaScript is a key programming language for web development, empowering interactive and dynamic web features. It operates in web browsers and server-side contexts via technologies like Node.js.


Articles related to JavaScript

Simple JavaScript Searchbar

JavaScript, Web development

Search bars are a very common occurrence on websites. You see them everywhere in all different shapes and sizes. Some are just simple text search bars and some are large complex search bars that will query a database or make API calls.

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React: The Magic of Facebook

Web development, React, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, Knowledge Base

Even if you're not a developer, you've probably heard of React.js. React.js is a JavaScript library written by one of Facebook's employees, "Jordan Walke". It all began around 2011 when Facebook encountered challenges in maintaining the code of large...

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Functional Components vs. Class Based Components

Knowledge Base, JavaScript, React, HTML & CSS

Functional VS Class Based Components, deze week ga ik laten zien hoe je met deze twee verschillende manieren een component kan maken in React en wat de grote verschillen er tussen zijn. En waarom functional components in populariteit aan het stijgen...

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Create your own DIY JavaScript search bar

Web development, Knowledge Base, JavaScript, HTML & CSS

Today I'm going to show you how to create a simple search bar for a large table or list. Sometimes lists or tables become so large that it becomes a challenge to extract the data you need. In such a case, a search bar can offer a solution. The search...

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