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As a software development team and as an innovative company, we not only offer solutions such as knowledge base software, but we also want to share our knowledge and experience with our customers and software developers. On this page you will find various articles and updates that we have made. Our knowledge base is regularly filled with manuals about smart solutions, how-tos, tips and tricks or FAQ

Why is the knowledge base important?

Sharing knowledge about business solutions and technology is a fundamental aspect of business collaboration and business progress. It plays a crucial role in economic growth, professional development and the optimization of organizations and industries.
Our customer cases show that sharing knowledge is an integral part of the success of the organization. Good knowledge base software accelerates innovation, enhances employee skills and creates a culture of continuous improvement. Ultimately, sharing knowledge not only benefits the individual, but also helps enrich the collaborative environment on a workflow as a whole, driving progress and fostering a culture of lifelong learning.

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The knowledge base solution is a centralized repository of business information, process data and knowledge resources that serves as a comprehensive reference for a specific domain of the company's business processes. Our knowledge base software acts as a self-service tool that allows users to access valuable information, solutions to common problems, and guidance.
Our cloud-based knowledge base software contains modules commonly used in customer support, software development and various efforts to give users direct access to relevant information.


Company information in our knowledge base software is generally structured in a searchable and organized format. Some of our knowledge bases include articles, guides, FAQs, tutorials, troubleshooting steps, and other resources. It acts as a reservoir of collective knowledge and captures insights, best practices and expertise.
Our knowledge base tools will play a crucial role in improving efficiency, reducing support requests and promoting self-help among users.

Integration with other tools and business systems

The Knowledge Base solution integrates seamlessly with other communications and productivity tools or business software. Calendar invitations, collaborative document sharing and video conferencing links can all be embedded within parts of the knowledge base, providing a centralized platform for various communication needs around information sharing within your business.
Knowledge base is easy to integrate with notification systems that alert users when a new situation arises. This feature ensures timely responses and keeps users informed of important updates or communications, improving the responsiveness of individuals and organizations.

4BIS OFFERS the development of customized and cloud-based knowledge base solutions for businesses

At 4BIS we use our own developed knowledge base cloud solutions. This way we can offer our business customers the best quality in our business solutions.

4BIS has a lot of experience with knowledge sharing software, we have been using it since 2015 and in that time we have supported more than 50 customers with our business knowledge base solutions. These customers are of different shapes and sizes; some are individual users, while others have complex systems with multiple applications.

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The essence of knowledge bank

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital business communications, the importance of a reliable and efficient business knowledge base solution cannot be overstated. From companies pursuing seamless communications to individuals looking for a professional online presence, the right knowledge base is key to secure and streamlined knowledge sharing.
Whether you're a small business owner, an IT professional, or someone who simply wants to improve business knowledge sharing, understanding the nuances of streamlining information is critical.


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Knowledge Base

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WP admin error 500 in Wordpress: 5 solutions

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The WP admin error 500 in Wordpress is extremely common. The Internal Server Error with status code HTTP error 500 is less easy to solve than other errors, where the solution is often obvious. The HTTP error 500 can be caused by several reasons. That...

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WordPress and Plugins – A world that opens up for you!

WordPress, Web development, Ecommerce / Webshop, Knowledge Base, WooCommerce

With plugins you can expand the functionality of WordPress or add completely new functions to WordPress. You can make plugins yourself, provided you know PHP, or you can download them.

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5 SEO optimization tips for existing websites

SEO / SEA, Knowledge Base, Digital Marketing

Do you have an existing website that has not been ranking well in Google lately? This can be problematic. Especially if it is a webshop or the website is an important source of income. That's why we will help you with a number of SEO optimization tips...

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Mastering React Hooks: Unleashing the Power of useContext and useReducer React Hooks Part 2

Knowledge Base, React

In the dynamic realm of React development, understanding and harnessing the potential of hooks is essential. In the second installment of our React Hooks series, we delve into the realms of useContext and useReducer. These hooks, when combined, offer...

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What To-Do without a handy list! DIY To-Do list mini tool!

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In the hustle and bustle of daily life, everyone relies on to-do lists to stay organized. However, the downside is the clutter of physical notes on your desk. To address this, I embarked on a mini project to create a tool that allows me to store my to-do...

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Mastering React Hooks Series Unveiling the Power of useRef (Part 3)

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Welcome back to the third part of our React Hooks series! In the previous blog posts, we delved into the fascinating world of hooks, exploring their significance and discussing essential hooks like useState, useEffect, useContext, and useReducer. These...

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Optimize Your React App with useCallback and useMemo: React Hooks Series Part 4

Knowledge Base, React

In this fourth installment, we'll delve into the powerful world of useCallback and useMemo. These hooks are essential for memoizing values and callbacks, offering significant performance improvements, especially when dealing with heavy operations or...

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React Hooks Part 1 State & Effect: Simplify Your React Components

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Introduced in version 16.8, React Hooks are a revolutionary addition to React that allows you to incorporate functionalities from Class-Based components into functional components. This first part of the blog focuses on key features like useEffect and...

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React: The Magic of Facebook

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Even if you're not a developer, you've probably heard of React.js. React.js is a JavaScript library written by one of Facebook's employees, "Jordan Walke". It all began around 2011 when Facebook encountered challenges in maintaining the code of large...

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Vendor lock-in

Knowledge Base, Software Modernisation, B2B

When you start building your company, IT is usually not something that you want to worry about. Email hosting, website hosting, maybe hosting a web application, it all takes a lot of time and energy.

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How to track your website’s exit rates with Google Tag Manager Google Analytics

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Your website is a gold mine of data to get to know your customers and visitors. What they do, what they click, and how many times, can tell you a lot about what they want. A website, when integrated with a data analysis and data management system such...

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Running a company usually generates a lot of data! Customer information, product stock, orders, the whole financial aspect, etc. All this valuable data is pretty much useless if it’s not displayed or manipulated the right way. To be able to get the most...

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Front tools

Software Modernisation, Knowledge Base, Automate

At 4BIS we are continuously working on new building blocks to the make our lives, our users lives and their users lives easier! We create our own flexible parts the we can offer to our customers.

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Part 4 of the React Hooks series useMemo & useCallback

Knowledge Base, React

Part 4 of the ReactHooks series! We're going to talk about useCallback and useMemo. With these hooks we can memoize values or callbacks, which can be useful for heavy operations or to ensure that certain components do not always render.

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Redux the Intro!

Knowledge Base, Automate, React

This week a brief introduction to the 4 basic concepts you need to understand Redux. We are going to briefly explain how state is adjusted in a Redux Store using Reducers and Actions. And we tell what all these concepts do and how they work in a Redux...

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Functional Components vs. Class Based Components

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<p>Functional VS Class Based Components, this week I'm going to show how you can create a component in React with these two different ways and what the major differences are between them. And why functional components are increasing in popularity.</p>

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Create your own plugin in WordPress

Knowledge Base, Web development, Managed Hosting, Hosting, PHP, MySQL

We have already taken you into the wonderful world of WordPress plugins. This week I'm going to explain how you can make your own plugin based on a small example. I'm going to show you how to make a small plugin that adds bootstrap functionality to your...

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Symfony vs WordPress

Knowledge Base, Automate, Managed Hosting, Hosting, Web development, Symfony, PHP

Symfony and WordPress 2 different systems but there are also enough similarities in this article I will give a few examples. Symfony has many more bundles than wordpress plugins. Symfony is more flexible while wordpress is easier to use. Symphony is...

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Releases & Fun News!

Knowledge Base

Last week we completed a number of exciting projects that I will tell you more about. We have completed the StyleMathôt website and set it live. We developed styletransfer, a webdav interface where StyleMathôt customers can drop their files and exchange...

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Symfony Components, the building blocks of the future!

Knowledge Base, Symfony, PHP, Web development

Symfony Components are separate PHP libraries that can be used for multiple applications. These Components are so well written that they have become the foundation upon which the best PHP applications can be built. These components can be installed with...

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Create your own DIY JavaScript search bar

Web development, Knowledge Base, JavaScript, HTML & CSS

Today I'm going to show you how to create a simple search bar for a large table or list. Sometimes lists or tables become so large that it becomes a challenge to extract the data you need. In such a case, a search bar can offer a solution. The search...

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