What is PHP?

PHP is a Open Source programming language originally developed for web development. PHP applications operate mostly on a webserver, which incorporates these requests. PHP is a flexible programming language which makes it one of the best for creating web applications.

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In the last versions of PHP there has been a strong focus on "Pure Performance". Pure Perfomance leads to fast loading times and scalabillity. Because of continues feature requests, PHP has to be adapted to keep up with innovation and thus needs to become faster.


By using PHP frameworks and standard company safety measures, we protect your data and those of your clients. The frameworks use their own build-in safety measures.

Cross Platform

What makes PHP so valuable is the possibility for cross platform. PHP works on almost every possible server technology. Webservers like Apache HTTP Server or Nginx* are the most popular one's (*Webserver we use at 4BIS Innovations). PHP also provides drivers for different database systems as in MySQL, Mariadb, Postgres or NoSQL storages like mongodb and Redis.

Open Source

PHP is an Open Source software which means it is not behind a pay wall or a payed license. The software and documentation is available for free, for everyone.


At 4BIS we use Symfony as our go to framework for many different types of web applications. For example, this website is made using our own in-house developed Symfony based CMS, but our customer portal also runs on Symfony.

4BIS is very experienced with Symfony development as we have been using it since 2015 and in that time we have done over 100 projects using it. These projects are of various types and sizes, some of them are single websites while others are complex multi-application systems.

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software ontwikkeling


software ontwikkeling

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