Software Modernisation

Software modernization refers to the process of updating and improving existing software systems, applications, or infrastructure to meet current technological and business needs. It involves enhancing or migrating software to make it more efficient, secure, maintainable, and aligned with modern development practices.

Software modernization is crucial for organizations to remain competitive, reduce technical debt, and adapt to changing business requirements in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. It helps extend the life of existing software investments while enabling innovation and growth.


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Articles related to Software Modernisation

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning: This is the Difference

Software Modernisation, Knowledge Base, Automate, Web development

Nowadays, many terms are thrown around interchangeably. You sometimes hear about Artificial Intelligence, but also about Machine Learning and perhaps even Deep Learning. This can make it quite unclear what exactly the term is that you are looking for...

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5 Reasons Why You Want to Connect All Your Tools

Software Modernisation, Web development, Business software, Knowledge Base, Automate

Integrations are extremely important to ensure smooth collaboration between all your tools. Unfortunately, it still often happens that companies make some activities run less smoothly by not properly linking their tools. This is of course a shame because...

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What is a widget?

Software Modernisation, Knowledge Base, React, Business software

Many people come across widgets, but they are not always clear. So many people wonder, what is a widget? We explain what exactly a widget is in this blog.

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Unveiling Where Innovation Meets Ingenuity

SEO / SEA, Software Modernisation, Web development, PHP, Symfony, Digital Marketing

In the bustling realm of technology, staying updated is not just a necessity but a lifestyle. With an overflow of information bombarding us daily, having a reliable source to curate and present the latest tech news becomes invaluable. Enter,...

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HR software: This is how you automate Human Resource Management

Business software, Software Modernisation, Web development, Automate

HRM, also known as Human Resource Management, is an important part for every company. Especially if you have many employees, an HR department is indispensable. However, it is not necessary to have a huge HR department. Much can be automated using HR...

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Web application: What exactly is it and when is it useful?

Web development, Software Modernisation

You have most likely come across the term web app or web application. A web app is an app that can be accessed via the internet (usually your browser). In this blog we will further explain what a web app is and how it comes in handy.

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On-premise software: Is it worth it?

Software Modernisation

On-premise software is a term you'll quickly encounter when managing the IT part of your company. For some companies, on-premise software is worth investing in, but this is not always the case. Therefore, we briefly explain what on-premise software...

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Pro's & Con's of Developing Custom Software

Software Modernisation, Web development, Managed Hosting, SEO / SEA, Ecommerce / Webshop, Hosting, Symfony, PHP

In the digital age, businesses are presented with the opportunity to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and gain a competitive edge through the use of software solutions. When it comes to meeting specific organizational needs, the decision...

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Vendor lock-in

Knowledge Base, Software Modernisation, B2B

When you start building your company, IT is usually not something that you want to worry about. Email hosting, website hosting, maybe hosting a web application, it all takes a lot of time and energy.

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Starting a new website? What should you pay attention to?

Web development, SEO / SEA, Software Modernisation

Nice! You want to start a new website. In this article I am going to give you some tips tricks tell must do's that are crucial when creating a new website. If customers want to create a new website or order one from us, they often want to start building...

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Front tools

Software Modernisation, Knowledge Base, Automate

At 4BIS we are continuously working on new building blocks to the make our lives, our users lives and their users lives easier! We create our own flexible parts the we can offer to our customers.

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New developments, our very own 4BIS cms

Software Modernisation, Automate, PHP, Symfony

We wouldn't be called 4BIS innovations if we weren't interested in renewing technologies. With so many people so many wishes, which in turn can give us new ideas and inspire us to innovative projects.

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PHP 8.0 Just In Time with Attributes and much more

Web development, PHP, Software Modernisation

<p>Wait a little while and then the new version of PHP comes from version 8.0. This brings a lot of fun new functions such as the Jit Compiler, Union types, and attributes. I will briefly discuss these 3 things so that you get an idea of what the coming...

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Is it worth to migrate to PHP 7.1 for Symfony project?

Symfony, PHP, Web development, Software Modernisation

I was looking on the setting of the project of 1 year old that has a serious requirement on calculation and processing resources. It is an asset management and analyses platform. Our current setup uses PHP 7.0.2. Making a decision to migrate to recently...

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