What is Symfony?

Symfony is an open-source PHP framework that speeds up PHP development by focusing on reusing PHP code between projects and flexibility. It has also stood the test of time with symfony’s development starting in 2005 making it very stable and reliable, but symfony is also still updating and improving with a new major version releasing every two years.

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Symfony has been a reliable framework with a stable open source community for almost two decades. With the amount of Symfony developers growing everyday it has become a great choice for web applications if you are looking for stability, reliability and safety.


One of the main advantages of Symfony is its practicality, regardless of wether you’re creating a customer portal, an API or a CMS. The combination of its flexibility and re-usability makes it so you can quickly develop new features without any hassle.

Bundles & API's

Symfony is incredibly flexible and has many different first party and community made bundles that can be installed to create a unique web application. API’s can also be easily connected to a Symfony application to allow connections to remote systems. In conclusion, Symfony is ideal for building web applications.



At 4BIS we use Symfony as our go to framework for many different types of web applications. For example, this website is made using our own in-house developed Symfony based CMS, but our customer portal also runs on Symfony.

4BIS is very experienced with Symfony development as we have been using it since 2015 and in that time we have done over 100 projects using it. These projects are of various types and sizes, some of them are single websites while others are complex multi-application systems.

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Symfony is a collection of various components. Thousands of projects use these components and they have become the base for many PHP applications worldwide. Because Symfony has various components it can be build up in blocks making it a very well-performing software. It can filter out unnecessary components causing an increase in performance.

Symfony is not limited to only websites, it has many different libraries. For example "Twig", which we use currently as well for our Symfony - PHP projects. Because of its incredible performance we decided to implement it in our projects. The amount of different packages/libraries ensures a reliable workflow causing us to focus on enhancing your business processes.






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