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Web development encompasses the entire journey of crafting websites and web applications. It involves a multifaceted approach, including coding, design, and server management. The goal is to produce interactive and user-friendly online experiences accessible through web browsers, offering everything from simple informational sites to complex web applications with dynamic features. Web developers utilize various technologies and programming languages to bring these digital creations to life, ensuring they work seamlessly across different devices and browsers for optimal user engagement.


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Articles related to Web development

WordPress and Plugins – A world that opens up for you!

WordPress, Web development, Ecommerce / Webshop, Knowledge Base, WooCommerce

With plugins you can expand the functionality of WordPress or add completely new functions to WordPress. You can make plugins yourself, provided you know PHP, or you can download them.

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Unveiling Tech-Nieuws.nl: Where Innovation Meets Ingenuity

SEO / SEA, Software Modernisation, Web development, PHP, Symfony, Digital Marketing

In the bustling realm of technology, staying updated is not just a necessity but a lifestyle. With an overflow of information bombarding us daily, having a reliable source to curate and present the latest tech news becomes invaluable. Enter Tech-Nieuws.nl,...

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HR software: This is how you automate Human Resource Management

Business software, Software Modernisation, Web development, Automate

HRM, also known as Human Resource Management, is an important part for every company. Especially if you have many employees, an HR department is indispensable. However, it is not necessary to have a huge HR department. Much can be automated using HR...

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Web application: What exactly is it and when is it useful?

Web development, Software Modernisation

You have most likely come across the term web app or web application. A web app is an app that can be accessed via the internet (usually your browser). In this blog we will further explain what a web app is and how it comes in handy.

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How do I choose the right software for my web application?

Web development, Saas, WordPress

If you are creating your own web application, website or webshop, software is still quite an issue. Software and web development comes in different shapes and sizes. The choice therefore does not become easier.

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This is how you solve the 3 most common Google Search Console errors

SEO / SEA, Web development

Google Search Console is a free tool you can use to view your website's performance in search results, in addition to Google Analystics. As you go through the performance of your website, you can get an error message from the tool.

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WordPress Plugins

Web development, WordPress

If you've ever had your own website or managed websites, you're probably familiar with WordPress. WordPress is currently the most widely used CMS (Content Management System) system. WordPress offers the option to add plugins, which can greatly enhance...

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Simple JavaScript Searchbar

JavaScript, Web development

Search bars are a very common occurrence on websites. You see them everywhere in all different shapes and sizes. Some are just simple text search bars and some are large complex search bars that will query a database or make API calls.

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React: The Magic of Facebook

Web development, React, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, Knowledge Base

Even if you're not a developer, you've probably heard of React.js. React.js is a JavaScript library written by one of Facebook's employees, "Jordan Walke". It all began around 2011 when Facebook encountered challenges in maintaining the code of large...

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JavaScript Frameworks: The Foundation of Web Applications

Web development

After the rise of the web 2.0 era, the need for frameworks emerged. From this need, there was an explosion of JavaScript frameworks. The three biggest and most well-known open-source JavaScript frameworks are React, AngularJS, and Vue. As you can imagine,...

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Pro's & Con's of Developing Custom Software

Software Modernisation, Web development, Managed Hosting, SEO / SEA, Ecommerce / Webshop, Hosting, Symfony, PHP

In the digital age, businesses are presented with the opportunity to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and gain a competitive edge through the use of software solutions. When it comes to meeting specific organizational needs, the decision...

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Starting a new website? What should you pay attention to?

Web development, SEO / SEA, Software Modernisation

Nice! You want to start a new website. In this article I am going to give you some tips tricks tell must do's that are crucial when creating a new website. If customers want to create a new website or order one from us, they often want to start building...

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How to track your website’s exit rates with Google Tag Manager Google Analytics

Web development, Knowledge Base, SEO / SEA

Your website is a gold mine of data to get to know your customers and visitors. What they do, what they click, and how many times, can tell you a lot about what they want. A website, when integrated with a data analysis and data management system such...

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Web development, Knowledge Base, PHP, Symfony, Bootstrap

Running a company usually generates a lot of data! Customer information, product stock, orders, the whole financial aspect, etc. All this valuable data is pretty much useless if it’s not displayed or manipulated the right way. To be able to get the most...

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Search console performance report stuck again (september 17 2021)

Digital Marketing, Web development, SEO / SEA, Ecommerce / Webshop

Search Console is one of the most important tools to understand the performance of your website in the Google search engine. With daily measurements we can indicate ups and downs and optimization results. Our webmasters and SEO specialists are...

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Create your own plugin in WordPress

Knowledge Base, Web development, Managed Hosting, Hosting, PHP, MySQL

We have already taken you into the wonderful world of WordPress plugins. This week I'm going to explain how you can make your own plugin based on a small example. I'm going to show you how to make a small plugin that adds bootstrap functionality to your...

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Symfony vs WordPress

Knowledge Base, Automate, Managed Hosting, Hosting, Web development, Symfony, PHP

Symfony and WordPress 2 different systems but there are also enough similarities in this article I will give a few examples. Symfony has many more bundles than wordpress plugins. Symfony is more flexible while wordpress is easier to use. Symphony is...

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Symfony Components, the building blocks of the future!

Knowledge Base, Symfony, PHP, Web development

Symfony Components are separate PHP libraries that can be used for multiple applications. These Components are so well written that they have become the foundation upon which the best PHP applications can be built. These components can be installed with...

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Smart portal, the answer for the growth of your company

Business software, Web development, Symfony, PHP

When I advise our customers, the question always arises - Should you go for an existing package of business software or do you develop a custom solution. The answer may vary based on the scalability and level of automation of growth your business expects....

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Create your own DIY JavaScript search bar

Web development, Knowledge Base, JavaScript, HTML & CSS

Today I'm going to show you how to create a simple search bar for a large table or list. Sometimes lists or tables become so large that it becomes a challenge to extract the data you need. In such a case, a search bar can offer a solution. The search...

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Symfony, The answer for your customer portal!

Web development, Automate

Symfony is a PHP framework built on a number of powerful and reusable components. Symfony works according to the MVC model. This stands for Model View Controller. Basically, this means dividing your project into three parts, the Model for the data, the...

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Domain Name Ordering – New Feature!

Domain names, Web development

You can also purchase a package from us for your website or webshop hosting, then we will set up a development environment for you so that you can get started immediately, we can also set up a landing page with coming soon text for you. We offer a premium...

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PHP 8.0 Just In Time with Attributes and much more

Web development, PHP, Software Modernisation

<p>Wait a little while and then the new version of PHP comes from version 8.0. This brings a lot of fun new functions such as the Jit Compiler, Union types, and attributes. I will briefly discuss these 3 things so that you get an idea of what the coming...

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Is it worth to migrate to PHP 7.1 for Symfony project?

Symfony, PHP, Web development, Software Modernisation

I was looking on the setting of the project of 1 year old that has a serious requirement on calculation and processing resources. It is an asset management and analyses platform. Our current setup uses PHP 7.0.2. Making a decision to migrate to recently...

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