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Explore 4BIS Innovation's modules designed to optimize business software and enhance efficiency. These software modules can be integrated easily and quickly in new or existing software. Our solutions cater to diverse business needs, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced productivity.


Manage and display complex dashboards with ease using our Datatables module. Enjoy advanced features including sorting, filtering, and pagination for a seamless user experience. A musthave for any dashboard, webportal or webapp


Enhance user interaction with our Slideout module, offering intuitive slide-out panels for your web applications and customer portals. Improve engagement and usability effortlessly.

Visual Builder

Create stunning web layouts effortlessly using our Visual Builder module. Perfect for beginners and experts alike, with a drag-and-drop interface for seamless page design.

Cloud Storage Integration

Efficiently manage businessdata across platforms with our Cloud Storage Integration module. Seamlessly integrate your business software with Google Drive, Dropbox, and NextCloud through our api connections for streamlined operations.

Office Integration

Enhance collaboration with our Office Integration module, seamlessly integrating with Office 365, Outlook, and other productivity tools for streamlined workflow and communication.

Exact Integration

Automate your business processes with our Exact Integration services. We can integrate Exact software with your existing web systems, applications, and workflows for improved efficiency and productivity.

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Payment Bundle

Secure and flexible payment solutions with our Payment Bundle module. Integrate with major payment gateways for reliable transactions tailored to your business needs.


Accelerate content delivery with our CDN storage module. Ensure high-speed access and reliable performance across global networks for optimal user experience.


Enhance software security with our Fail2Ban module, detecting and mitigating suspicious activities through automated blocking and threat response mechanisms.


Drive engagement with our Feedback module, facilitating seamless communication channels and actionable insights to enhance user experience and business outcomes.

Live Notifications

Stay informed in real-time with our Live Notifications module. Keep your team and customers updated instantly, enhancing collaboration and responsiveness.

Document Generation

Streamline document creation and distribution with our Document Generation module. Empower your team with professional document production and seamless collaboration.

All-in-One E-Commerce Webshop Module

Our webshop module is designed to streamline your online store's operations and enhance customer experience.

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