4BIS Web Hosting

Is your website hosted by 4BIS? Don’t stop there!

Within our hosting packages, we offer you the possibility to choose the 4BIS servers as the home for your website AND the home for your files and emails. 4BIS Cloud, 4BIS Webmail and 4BIS Web Hosting are all quality services, that you can also integrate with your business software and backend systems if you want to. Read more on our Web Hosting page or contact us for more information on how to get started with joining the 4BIS IT-infrastructure!

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4BIS Cloud

Our very own self-hosted files storage platform. Subscribe to the 4BIS Cloud as part of your 4BIS web hosting package, or get it as a stand-alone solution, to be able to upload, share, modify and download all your business files in one single connection. Security and peace of mind: we host the 4BIS Cloud on our own servers so that you know at all times where your sensitive business data lives. Say good bye to the public cloud!


4BIS Webmail

A personalised email address for all your employees, in the name of your company. As a registered web host, we can create for you business email boxes and host them on our infrastructure, to ensure maximal functionality and security. Log in here.


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