Email signature tutorial

Apple Mail – Mac

How you can add an email signature to your mac

1. Open mail.

2. Click in the upper left corner on mail.

3. Click on preferences.

4. Click on Signatures.

5. Click on the plus.

6. Name your signature.

7. If you want to use a custom html signature continue at step 10.

8. Here you can create your email signature.

9. If you want it to contain images drag them in.

10. Fill the signature in with some place holder text, this will be overwritten later.

11. go to finder finder.

12. Click on go.

13. Click on Go to Folder…

14. Type ~/library/Mail.

15. Open the directory V with the highest number following it

16. Open the MailData directory.

17. Open the Signatures directory.

18. In de bovenste balk selecteer de optie waar er vier lijntjes boven elkaar liggen.

19. Look for the file with the latest “last modified” date/time, this is the signature you just made.

20. Right click on this file.

21. Move over open with.

22. Click on other…

23. In this list locate and click on TextEdit.

24. Click on open.

25. Remove all the text starting from <body.

26. Now paste your custom html signature.

27. Save the file by holding the CMD + S keys at the same time.

28. Click next to the file name on the downward facing arrow.

29. Click on the check box next to Locked so its checked.

You’re done! From now on you should see you signature bellow your emails.