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The 4BIS tools have great business applications and are free for you to enjoy

Between hardcore development, client meetings and quality time with Steve the platypus, our office pet, our calendars are pretty full. However, it is important to always save some time for fun. And to us, fun means: more tech!

When we have a moment, we like to get the team together, brainstorm and develop some simple, useful tools that we can make available for free on our website, for the sole satisfaction of our visitors. We concentrate on building tools that will have added-value in a business context, such as productivity and management tools, content creation or analytics tools… Just to help you out, no strings attached.

Knock yourself out!

PS: more tools are coming, so make sure to come back soon!

Lookup your IP address

Find out what your IP is and where it is located. Useful information when you need fast remote tech support.

Random password generator

Generates passwords of your chosen length and complexity. Ideal to protect all your sensitive business accounts.

Word counter and Title checker

Analyzes your web page text and counts the keywords, to help you optimise your content and SEO strategy.

Email signature generator

Make a custom email signature in the style of your brand.

Domain availablility checker

Check a domain name’s availability before picking it for your website.

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