Email signature generator

An informative and eye-catching email signature in the style of your brand makes you look more professional and therefore adds value to your business. But copy pasting your logo and typing your name and contact details every time you want to send an email is definitely impractical and time-consuming. Not to worry. This email signature generator tool we developed will simplify things for you; with it you can create your new automated business signature in just a few clicks, and for free!

Just follow these simple steps. Fill in the categories below with your correct name and contact information; add your company logo and personalize your signature's colors in the "styling" section. If you do not wish for a certain category to appear on your signature, you must delete the default text and leave the field empty. Once you are happy with your creation, click on "generate". You can then choose to copy your new signature as rich text to have it appeared already styled when pasting it in a text editor, or as html to code it in wherever you need it. If you do not know how to do that, we have put together a detailed tutorial explaining the process for each device: just click on the button corresponding to the device you're using for further instructions.

Creating an email signature directly online with this tool is much easier than making one on your own, and it is very much worth your while. Remember that the email signature is the closing part of your business communication and represents you as a specialist, which can influence your image and reputation greatly.

Note: Not all mobile email apps support html email signatures

Note: On smaller devices the signature may not be the same as on larger devices



John Doe
example inc | CEO
streetroad 123
1234 AB Realtown
T: 12345678 E:

Note: to be able to copy you need to generate first

Before you go to the implementation tutorial, if you are on mac or using webmail copy as html, if you are using outlook copy as rich text.