There is a 4BIS solution
for all of your IT needs

What works wonders for one company may not be the right application for another. That is why we have tailor-made software that respect the unique character of your company. We work in a positive workflow of testing, monitoring and collecting data. This way we know exactly what works for you and what doesn't. It is our full service mindset and attention to detail that enables us to help you achieve your goals.


An accessible software solution offers the possibility to optimize tasks and functions. This saves you more time and energy.


Software modernization

Breathe new life into your webshop, customer portal, web app, or online platform. we build and renovate your software in the right way, so you can focus on growing your business.

Software development

Software development offers the opportunity to drastically reduce and optimize the amount of time and energy you spend on support functions. Such as invoicing, inventory management, requests for quotations and/or the surrounding communication.

Digital marketing

Do you want to give your product, website or store a boost and draw extra attention? Have your ads optimized and set up in such a way that your target group is specifically targeted. Receive evaluations on how your campaigns are doing and tweak and update it again so that it runs completely streamlined.

API's and integrations

Expand your current software by integrating with external APIs. Enable customers to pay online or integrate and connect your internal business software. Through custom APIs and integrations, there are many possibilities.

Web development

In need of a web application? Web development encompasses all software that you use via the internet. Such as a customer portal, online platform, or a webshop, but also Symfony and PHP applications.

Digital signature generator

With the business email signature generator you can easily generate a digital signature. Above all, you can create multiple signatures at once and employees no longer have to be entered one by one.


QuoteManager is an online tool that streamlines your company's internal communicatications and maximizes employee productivity and comfort by centralizing everything they need to know about a project on one clear, easy-to-use platform.

Content management systeem

The fast CMS platform has been completely customized by our own 4BIS team so that every website can become a content-rich web application. 4BIS CMS contains all the advantages of a content and developer-friendly CMS, which means that you will never run into limitations in the future where you do with other CMS.


Condition meter is an online dashboard and monitoring system for administrators, maintenance engineers and management. Specialists can annually compare asset condition measurement and other data and have continuous insight into their assets.


Based on the needs of our customers, we have developed smart software tools that you can use and help you grow your business online.



Where 4BIS Innovations provides a tailor-made service, at 4BIS Hosting we offer entrepreneurs the best ready-made ICT solutions. Are you about to start a WordPress webshop? Do you want to register your own domain name? Are you looking for a reliable hosting party and a safe place for your data? At 4BIS Hosting we make everything around web hosting and cloud solutions easy, clear and manageable.

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