Focus on the growth of your company and not on the IT issues

You have chosen custom software development to optimize your business processes and to grow your company. Applied software that supports you and your company and where you no longer have to deal with IT problems.
There will come a time when the software made for your business will no longer help grow your business. This does not immediately mean that you have to buy a new package, it means that the ICT solution is due for renewal. Then it is time to opt for software modernization or optimization of your ICT portal. At 4BIS we can help make your API connections, customer portal, web services or web stores future-proof.

Make your software future proof

At 4BIS we convert your legacy code into user-friendly modern and scalable applications using the latest software technologies:

  • Monolith architecture to SaaS or microservices
  • Preventing software deprecation and phasing out of libraries
  • Preventing software bottlenecks and application bottlenecks
  • Rebuilding in phases
  • Code refactoring
  • UI refactoring
  • SOAP to RESTful
  • XML to JSON

Is it time to update your software?

An outdated software product brings many problems. Avoid headaches by upgrading your software in time because technologies change at a rapid pace, libraries are being refreshed, development languages are moving to new versions. Is your IT department or supplier not on top of this? Do you suffer from an outdated user interface? Or do you have problems with speed or scalability? At 4BIS we solve these ICT problems and ensure that your company starts to grow again, it's that simple.

Your software is your competitive advantage

Breathe new life into your webshop, customer portal, web service, online platform, web portal or custom software. We know many entrepreneurs, innovation managers and startups. And IT problems are a common reason that they do not provide sufficient returns. At 4BIS we have the knowledge and experience how to overcome IT problems and more importantly; can occur. Our developers team supports your ambitions and helps to realize your business ideas.

How can I modernize software?

Step 1.

First, we review the state of affairs and map out the painful points surrounding the existing solutions. In some situations it is enough to give the look-and-feel a facelift, we call this UI refactoring (UI stands for User Interface). This can make your custom software easier to use and look attractive and modern.

Step 2.

Then we make a roadmap and a plan for a future-proof solution. We always try to make our solutions as sustainable as possible for your company. Because with 4BIS you don't have a supplier, but an IT partner. So if we can solve part of the problem immediately with minimal effort, then we will. That way, your company can continue to grow immediately. And that means we can spend more time implementing deep innovation!

Code refactoring

Sometimes code is so outdated, it lacks scalability and/or performance. Then we will do code refactoring and ensure that your software will last for years to come. Usually, refactoring goes in parallel with the development of new functionality so that your company continues to grow at all times. Sometimes the software solution that is used within your company can no longer be saved and we have to rebuild your custom software in parts. At 4BIS we are in favor of the lean approach and we will do a phased rebuild of your software. In this way we can reduce the risks and offer better continuity for your software.
Together we can choose to let your business thrive by transforming legacy software into a SaaS solution. In this way, we have helped companies to enter new markets and find competitive advantages in their own software.

And what can we do for you?_

Do you want to know more or are you interested? Please feel free to contact us directly, by phone or via mail.
Or use one of our contact forms so that we can answer you as quickly and appropriately as possible can give. We would love to hear from you!

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