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A website is a very important asset for any business. Not only does it make you more visible and reachable to your clients, it is an extensive and targeted communication tool that works as the perfect physical evidence to differentiate yourself from your competitors. It’s your ‘shop window’, your brand identity card, your chance to establish yourself as a professional. In the current digital economy, a website has become the ultimate must-have to stay relevant in an ever-so fierce market.

We employ modern lead-generation tactics when we build your website or web shop, to boost traffic and increase your conversion rate. This is done with full transparency and while maintaining close contact with you and your team, to ensure consistent brand messaging and optimised audience targeting. As entrepreneurs and business strategists ourselves, we get what your business needs, and we are attached to develop a website that will display your corporate vision and competence in the most accurate way possible. We value your feedback and want to create something YOU can be proud of.

Why choose 4BIS to develop your website?

Guaranteed features for ultimate peace of mind

User-friendly platform

Complex tech made easy! As expert web developers, we concentrate mainly on the non-design aspects of building websites: writing markup and coding. We use WordPress Content Management System to allow you to access your website and update your content yourself whenever you wish, with little effort and only basic technical skills.

Functionality on all devices

Let’s face it, most internet surfing is done via smartphone these days. That’s why a mobile-friendly website is absolutely paramount. From a standard web page to complex multi-pages and multi-lingual websites, we can code in extra functionality on-demand AND we promise it will be responsive on all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop). Your website will look beautiful and offer comfortable navigation under any circumstances!

Security and privacy

Cyber-security is at the heart of our service. All our clients’ sites are systematically migrated to the secure HTTPS environment, and we undertake regular infrastructure maintenance to guarantee the maximal protection of our web servers. We also check the compliance of your website with data protection laws (GDPR).

Technical support, no matter what

The websites we build are made to be strong and reliable, even under very high traffic. Still, this is life, errors can happen, robots can rebel, colleagues can trip on a cable and break the internet… what is important is to be prepared. And we definitely are. We regularly test and monitor the websites we host in order to prevent as many issues as possible before they even happen. Our reactive team is also always there to assist you with your website-related problems as well as with any general tech questions you may have.

Content, SEO and Design as a bonus service

We love to see our clients happy, which is why we offer the option to also help you out with your website’s content and aesthetics. Working closely with talented freelance graphics designers and content writers, we can deliver stylish, timeless, impactful websites that will rank high in search engines and translate your ideas into expressive texts and visuals.

Websites & Co

Web development, but not only!

4BIS Innovations isn’t only a web development company. We are, first and foremost, well-rounded IT specialists. With us, you can get much, much more than just a website. Once your website or web shop is ready, couple it with our other IT services to increase its value and further boost your business. You can, for example, opt to integrate your frontend website with your backend business systems to better streamline your operations; you can choose to get your website hosted on our high-end 100% Dutch IT-environment; you can even have us build, from scratch, customised data dashboards integrated with Google Analytics. If it is tech, we will do it!

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Enough words. Check out for yourself our past projects! Here are some of our favourites from the websites we built.