Our technicians are ready to provide support in all cases_

Do you run into something unexpectedly and you can't get out of it yourself? At 4BIS we are here to help you! Send us an email or fill out the contact form and we will respond within 24 hours. We always ensure that urgent issues are prioritized, but you can also call us if the problem you are facing needs to be solved immediately.

Would you prefer it if we take a look with you? This is also possible through Teamviewer, which you can download at the bottom of this page.

Benefit from 24-7 support

As a technical partner, we want to make software technology as widely accessible as possible to others. Become a master of using 4BIS services, thanks to the guides we've put together for your convenience. Or find the answers to the most frequently asked questions under the FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions. In our Knowledge Base, we provide you with free readily accessible online software tools to answer your technical support needs and more.

What can we help you with

Send your question or describe the problem you are encountering via this contact form or by email mail to our Supportdesk and we will contact you within 24 hours. Is it urgent? Then you can reach us directly via the telephone number below.


We're happy to watch with you, it's that easy

To be able to remotely monitor your computer, we use a tool called TeamViewer. We can solve problems for you even if you don't have administrative access to your computer and/or system configuration!

Support available for Windows and Mac OS, click on a download, then double click on the downloaded file. A screen will appear with a session ID and password which you can provide to our Supportdesk employee to start the Teamviewer.

Only choose Host Support if you receive this from our Supportdesk employee as an instruction.

Important. If you are launching your teamviewer app for the first time, please check the security preferences via this link (the link)

And what can we do for you?_

Do you want to know more or are you interested? Please feel free to contact us directly, by phone or via mail.
Or use one of our contact forms so that we can answer you as quickly and appropriately as possible can give. We would love to hear from you!

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