Who are we

The 4BIS adventure began in 2014, when our founders Max and Edwin decided to put their technology and entrepreneurial talents to good use and create something that would positively impact other businesses. Today, we are well on our way to achieving just that, with more and more small and medium-sized businesses choosing 4BIS as their IT partner.

The team


As a co-founder, with a solid academic background in applied mathematics and specialized computer systems, and significant experience as an IT and strategy specialist in reputable companies, Max assumes the role of business strategist and senior software developer.


Co-founder of 4BIS and a self-thaught specialist in the field of networks and infrastructure, Edwin contributes not only to technical aspects but also oversees administrative and operational matters.


With a broad interest in IT, Tom takes on a diverse set of tasks within the team, with his main focus on fulfilling the role of an all-round software developer.


Driven by a goal-oriented approach, Rens consistently seeks cost-efficient solutions. Coupled with his technical skills, this makes him a valued all-round software developer.


Junior software developer, Kieran plays a crucial supporting role within the team while actively continuing his development in the field.

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