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This is not the place for you if you are looking for beauty tips or blueberry muffins recipes. You won’t find articles about the top ten things to do in Kathmandu or about how to start your own duck farming business in South of France here either. And if you want to read Fan Fiction or learn how to knit a lovely flowery blanket for your grandma, try again, we can’t help.

However… if you love technology, innovation, artificial intelligence, gadgets, computers, coding languages, and pretty much anything else digital, then you have reached your destination. On this page, we are going to post detailed tech tutorials, summaries of fun tech events we attend, tech news, and much, much more.

So, stay tuned, and happy reading!

Broad possibilities of 2D animations in SVG

In our daily tasks as web developers, SVG format really is an irreplaceable instrument, and sometimes an actual life saver. We use it for vector logos, illustrations, charts... all the cool stuff. Why, you ask? SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics - is an image...

WooCommerce made functional on both mobile and desktop

WordPress is great. It really is. But anyone who works with it on the regular will tell you, it can give you a bit of a headache every now and again. For instance, when a plugin which does its job fine on desktop stops responding on mobile, or vice versa. That's when...

DeployerPHP upgraded to version 6

Team of Deployer released on 22 August 2017 complete new version of this great deployment tool. The new release has version 6. Till this moment extra bug fixes and adjustments were provided. So latest version is Deployer 6.0.3.   We successfully...

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