Carlah Hairstudio

Project Description

Carla Hairstudio provides a big range of treatments and advise that reflect their clients personality, along with the use of only natural products.

Their old website was built on simple html and had a very outdated design. In the briefing with the client a few points were highlighted: a new house style is needed and they were open for any suggestions; it was important to be able to make appointments via the website; the hairdressers specialization – coloring – needed to be emphasized; and they wanted to improve their brand’s online presence.

Project Details

Client Carla Hairstudio

Product Hosting, website development, house styling

Skills Design, continued development & improvement, product development startegy, business & process analyses, technical support, UX





PHP 7.3

Main Features

In this new website the client wanted to clearly present the main specialty from the salon: Master Colorist, with examples of satisfied customers and their testimonials. The goals for the website were achieved with the first template proposed and only some small changes were made to fit the client’s final requirements.


Once the new website was made live a great deal of new customers became interested in the client’s salon. Our developement team continues to assist the client with the technical support to improve the digital communication and the usability of her clients when making new appointments.

The client is now able to handle all the online appointment requirements, via the platform build by our team.